Updates June 5 2022

June 5, 2022

Dear Families:

I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend!  We look forward to these last days of the school year!

In the Spotlight

Concord Carlisle High School Class of 2022!

Yesterday, we celebrated the Class of 2022!  Graduation is a celebration of an entire system at work.  Parents are critical partners.  The story begins in elementary school and continues to middle school as the foundation for high school is paved.  In my comments to the graduates, I highlighted their passionate commitment to serving their community and the causes they valued.  Each of the items I list below came from direct interactions, actions taken by students, or stories shared with us about these young people.   This list is long and thorough, giving us much hope for the future! I know this same spirit continues in the students returning to our schools for years to come.

We saw you share your passion for equity and respect for those of all races.

We saw you share your passion for mental health and wellness.

We saw you share your passion for the environment and sustainability.

We saw you share your passion for peace and democracy.

We saw you share your passion for equity for LGTBQ individuals.

We saw share your passion for equity between genders.

We saw you share your gratitude for first responders.

We saw you advocate for political and social issues.

We saw you share your passion for safety in schools. 

We saw you serve in student government or leadership positions.

We saw you share your compassion and service for senior citizens.

We saw you share your compassion and service for younger students and children.

We saw you serve your community through athletics and team efforts to serve others.

We saw you serve others by collecting for those in war torn areas of the world like Ukraine.

We saw you advocate for improvements here at CCHS like the skatepark and others.

We saw you serve your community by doing civic work such as at a Town Meeting, volunteering at a local business, another school, or many other spaces in your community.

And finally, we saw you support and tend to your family, friends, pets, school, homes, and each other.

Concord Middle School Project

The Middle School Project is progressing nicely.  I encourage you to scroll through these recent slides that highlight updates to the exterior and interior design of the new middle school.  The slides are linked here.

Concord Free Public Library

Let the Concord Free Public Library be your study haven Sunday, June 12, 2022 from 1-8 pm. Prepare for final exams with snacks, study rooms, and plenty of places to hang out and share your knowledge at the Main Library. Library staff will be present for research questions and help. No registration required.

The Concord Free Public Library is encouraging children, teens, and adults to bike to the Library! Every time you bike to the Main Library or Fowler Branch Library, show us your helmet and we’ll stamp your bike card.  After 10 stamps, you earn a free $5 gift certificate to Bedford Farms! Thanks to the Friends of the Concord Free Public Library for sponsoring this program.

Open Table Offers Summer Kids Lunch and Snack Packs 

Open Table’s program to help families provide healthy lunches and snacks for their children while they attend summer programs is being offered again this year starting June 21.

Concord Race Amity Day Community Potluck

The potluck is this coming Sunday, June 12!  Additional details are found at the bottom of this email.

COVID Updates

Case counts declined last week.  We hope to see that pattern continue. Our case counts are kept current on the COVID Dashboard.    We are in discussion of a vaccine booster clinic at CCHS with the public health leaders.  Please watch for upcoming details.

Enjoy this last full week of school!



Please RSVP to the Concord Race Amity Day Community Potluck which is a week from today on Sunday, June 12th. The event will take place at Alcott Elementary School from 1 pm-4 pm. CLICK HERE to learn more about Race Amity from our students.


Cultural Dishes / Desserts

  • Additional cultural dishes and desserts are needed for the event. Families attending, please consider bringing a dish or dessert to share.

Appropriate outdoor games and activities

  • Families attending,please considerbringing along an outdoor game(s) that is inclusive and age-appropriate

METCO Transportation


  • Additional support is needed. Visit this SignupGeniusto see where you can help. Louisa Yamartino will be in touch with volunteers who have signed up to help.

Official Concord Race Amity Day T-shirt

  • An official Concord Race Amity Day T-shirt will be on sale at the event. The cost of the t-shirt is $10.00, and payment can be made in cash or via Venmo. All proceeds will cover the cost of materials. Excess funds will be donated to charity.