Employee Wellness

Wellness at Work

We recognize that the health and well-being of our employees is critical to a high functioning and happy work force.  We take a holistic view of each employee, and we recognize that he or she is trying to manage work – life balance. We offer wellness initiatives that:

  • Encourage the habits of well-being
  • Increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to health & happiness
  • Inspire and empower individuals to manage their own health
  • Support a sense of community

Our wellness programs aim to create a work environment that promotes the overall physical and mental well-being of employees and their family members, increase employees’ sense of community, and reduce stress while having fun.

Move Across America Challenge | December 1, 2017 – March 2, 2018 

The Move Across America program will begin Friday, December 1st and run for 13 weeks!

This annual district competition is a friendly way to become more aware of our exercise habits, challenge ourselves to increase our exercise, and perhaps set some personal/team exercise goals during the winter months.

We have three months to log our miles and hop on over to Concord, Michigan, skip down to Concord, Texas and run home to Concord, Massachusetts for a total of 3,822 miles. That’s a lot of movement!!!

Remember 10 Minutes of activity = 1 mile towards our final destination.

Whatever you do, please consider joining in our efforts to maintain your well-being and prioritize exercise in the coming 13 weeks and “Move Across America.”


Current Wellness Opportunities | 2017-2018 Discounted Offerings!

Check out these two great offerings at The Thoreau Club [google doc]

  1. Commit to Get Fit (120 Day Program to transform your life forever)
  2. Discounted Club Membership rates!
  • Employee $59/month (Reg. $115)
  • Employee plus spouse $99/month (Reg $185)
  • Employee plus family $150/month (Reg $239)


Planned Wellness Opportunities

  • Employee Discounts – Below is a list of some health & fitness providers that give a discount to our employees: