METCO Placement

Kindergarten is the entry point for METCO enrollment in the Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District; however, we make considerations for students entering grades 6 and 9. We make every effort to enroll siblings of current and former students at the appropriate grade levels, provided that all parents meet application deadlines and orientation requirements. Click here for the Sibling Placement Request Form.

To enroll your student in Concord Public Schools or Concord-Carlisle High School METCO Program, visit METCO, Inc. Headquarters at 11 Roxbury Street, Roxbury, MA 02119, to submit an application. You may also visit the METCO Inc. website or contact METCO Inc. Headquarters at 617-427-1545 for more information.

Should you need more information about the Concord Public Schools METCO program, contact Felicia Pasley, METCO Director.

Should you need more information about the Concord-Carlisle High School METCO program, contact Debra Jemison, METCO Director.