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Dear Students, Faculty and Staff, and Families:

I am excited to embark on my new position as Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) for Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle High School. My long-term vision is to: partner with students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents/guardians, and the school committee to renew and strengthen our school culture, ensure it is grounded in equity, and leverage diversity and inclusion in everything we do. I hope to progress our school district to a place where we work with full intentionality: where everyone is proactive in promoting racial equity, embraces cultural diversity, and intentionally seeks opportunities to improve their cultural competency and relationships across cultures with students, families, and colleagues.

As DE&I Director, I remain confident in our district’s current strategic objective of cultivating collaborative and inclusive environments in our schools. We must work collectively to sustain our work in cultural competency. We must continue to be proactive in enhancing our student’s learning, knowledge, and understanding of diverse perspectives, history, and experiences that transcend beyond racial and cultural boundaries. Dr. Tracey Benson, academic activist and author of Unconscious Bias in Schools, recently said: “Our inability to have conversations in our schools is preventing students from building a more equitable future.” We must educate and raise awareness in our school community, highlighting and addressing issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and recognize that these issues significantly impact our students, employees, and families of color. This work of DE&I must be intentional if we are to create a school environment that elicits a genuine sense of belonging: where everyone treats each other fairly and justly, is welcomed and respected,  and feels safe enough to fully embrace their own identities, as well as the uniqueness of others; regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, ability/disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. 

My entry plan as we endeavor through this school year includes meeting with school-level members (students, teachers, support staff, etc.) and members of the community (parents/guardians, parent groups, school committee, etc.) to understand their needs and concerns, areas of improvement, and desired outcomes for DE&I in our school district to inform the development of a DE&I strategic plan for our school district. In the coming week, I will share a timeline for when and how these meetings will occur. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with you as I lead this work in all of our schools. Please take a moment to preview the Anti-Defamation League Calendar of Cultural and Religious Observances and Celebrations (2021 & 2022), as well as our Resource Website for Cultural Competency. As we endeavor through this school year, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.


Andrew K. Nyamekye
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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