School Committee

The Concord School Committee is comprised of five members elected by the Town of Concord. The Concord-Carlisle Regional District School Committee is comprised of two Carlisle members in addition to the five Concord members.

The mission of the Districts is to educate all students to become lifelong learners, creative thinkers, caring citizens, and responsible contributors in our increasingly diverse global society. The core values of excellence, engagement, perseverance, inclusion and innovation are reflected in the 2018-2023 district strategic plan and the programs, services and activities which support student learning.

The School Committees use the vision provided by the Districts’ mission statement and core values to guide our decisions as we work to support the Districts’ Goals.

The responsibilities of the School Committees are:

  • To appoint and evaluate the Superintendent
  • To review and approve budgets for public education
  • To establish educational goals and policies consistent with the requirements of Massachusetts General Law and statewide standards established by the Massachusetts Board of Education

The Superintendent is responsible for the administrative operation of the Districts.

The School Committees meet twice a month.  Additional meetings or joint sessions are scheduled as needed. Meetings are televised on Concord Carlisle TV and are available on the Concord and CCRSD School Committee Meeting YouTube channel.

Click HERE to watch meeting videos.



Concord Public Schools

  • Alexa Anderson, Chair (2025)
  • Carrie Rankin, Vice Chair (2026)
  • Andrew Herchek (2027)
  • Tracey Marano (2027)
  • Cynthia Rainey (2025)

Concord-Carlisle Regional School District

  • Tracey Marano, Chair (2027)
  • Alexa Anderson (2025)
  • Andrew Herckek (2027)
  • Carrie Rankin (2026)
  • Cynthia Rainey (2025)
  • Julie Viola (2027)
  • Brian Waterson (2027)

METCO Representatives

  • Domingos DaRosa (CCRSD)
  • Ayesha Lawton (CPS)

Student Representatives

  • Zariah Alves
  • Harry Crowley
  • Felicity Zhang