Updates April 4 2021

April 4, 2021

Dear Families:
I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

Tonight, we are eager to have all of the elementary schools open for students all day tomorrow for the first time since March 12, 2020.  The preparation for this extension of the in-person day has been detailed and lengthy. As has been the case in every scenario, the collaboration across all groups made it happen effectively.  That said, it is once again a plan that we to execute to find the tricky spots so please have patience.  The same extensive planning is underway at the middle and high schools for a full return on April 26.

Positive COVID Case

We learned of one positive CCHS student this weekend.  Contract tracing was completed this morning.

COVID Dashboards

Our District COVID Data Dashboard is posted as of yesterday morning. As of writing this email, our total number of cases to date is 172.

This week’s Concord and Carlisle dashboards come from the MPDH publication on April 1.  Concord remained yellow last week.  Carlisle moved up to green.

Asymptomatic Pool Testing

Last week, we reached a new high of 1546 students tested- all were negative!  As we return students to school full time, these tests will be valuable pieces of information to ensure safety.  Please provide consent through Aspen so your child can participate.  The state notified us this week that they would continue to cover the cost for the duration of the school year.  Our goal is to test 2500 students per week since other districts have reached 75-80% participation!


We will ask you to consider travel with caution especially as it coincides with the upcoming school vacation and full return to school.

The protocols of the Concord Public Schools remain more conservative than the state’s travel advisory dated March 22, 2021.  All students who travel must provide a negative PCR test after returning to Massachusetts.  Antigen and pool tests will not be accepted.

If a student has had COVID within the last 90 days then a PCR test is not required but proof of the positive test may be required.  If a child were COVID positive more than 90 days prior to travel, the PCR test is required upon return to Massachusetts.

If a student is fully vaccinated (14 days post-vaccine), a PCR test is not required.  The schools require proof of vaccination to be provided for any child that has traveled.


The Commissioner of Education notified us late last week that he is proposing cancellation of the grade 11 test and extension of the timeline for tests in grades 3 through 8 through June 11, 2021.  Things keep changing so stay tuned!

Last Day of School

Now that we are into the spring, it is likely safe to say the last student day of school for this year will be June 16, 2021.

This coming last quarter of the school year will be unlike the ones so far and full of positive changes.  We will still expect the unexpected and know that there may be road bumps that will require patience from all of us.  I am sure that the cooperation and collaboration that got us this far will help us continue to succeed.