Uniting Us

May 31, 2020

Dear Families:

Tonight, I reflect on a wide range of emotions this weekend.  I am deeply saddened and angry about the racial incident yesterday within our community and the horrible, unspeakable tragedy of George Floyd’s death that is having an impact nationally.   We continue to work with the Concord Police Department to investigate the unacceptable media post and ensure that we respond strongly and deter future behavior of this kind.  The district committed to being more culturally competent three years ago, as outlined in the Strategic Plan.  I believe that the work is ongoing and must ensure that we foster a supportive, inclusive environment and educate the next generation about the urgency and the role we all have in creating equity and respect for all.

On the other end of the spectrum, the high school’s collaborative celebration of the Class of 2020 through today’s parade is an event that united us this afternoon. It allowed us to be together, not just physically but emotionally.  Although students and families were in vehicles and the faculty spread out and masked, there was a community atmosphere of making up for lost events, creating long-lasting memories, and honoring every graduate in a very personal way.   The event felt like a symbol for what can be (even if only for an hour) in a world currently filled so much pain from illness, job loss, and racism.

Over and over again, I experience this community’s ability to support one another, come together in crisis, have difficult conversations, and be stronger than we were before.