Two Positive COVID Cases, Pool Testing, and Travel

April 11, 2021

Dear Families:

I hope you had a great weekend!  We are excited to be going into the week before spring break.  We are also asking for your help both during the break and as we return all students on April 26.

Two Positive COVID Cases

Yesterday, we had a positive pool at CMS leading to a positive student case.  Today, we learned of a positive CCHS student.  Close contacts are being identified and quarantined.

Pool Testing 

Last week, we had 1,702 students participate in pool testing.  As seen on the occasions when positive pools happen, it allows us to identify and isolate those cases.  We have a goal of testing 2,500 students in order to ensure the safest environment possible.

In all three situations where we had positive student pools, we knew of the individual case within hours.  Through the use of the AFC Urgent Care rapid molecular ID NOW testing (the only rapid test we accept), results have been almost immediate.  I thought it was important to note that since often I hear concerns about quarantine as a reason not to test.  It is definitely also worth noting that we have so far conducted 9,254 student tests since late February with only three positive pools.

With case counts still approximately 2,000 per day in the state even with 25% of the population vaccinated, this asymptomatic testing will be a key tool when all students return after the break. We are all looking forward to the vaccine availability for all young people.

If you haven’t already provided consent in Aspen and enrolled your child, please do so.  The test is very quick and non-disruptive.  We greatly appreciate all of those who are already participating.


We will ask you to consider travel with caution especially as it coincides with the upcoming school vacation and full return to school.

The protocols of the Concord Public Schools remain more conservative than the state’s travel advisory dated March 22, 2021.  All students who travel must provide a negative PCR test after returning to Massachusetts.  Antigen and pool tests will not be accepted.

If a student has had COVID within the last 90 days then a PCR test is not required but proof of the positive test may be required.  If a child were COVID positive more than 90 days prior to travel, the PCR test is required upon return to Massachusetts.

If a student is fully vaccinated (14 days post-vaccine), a PCR test is not required.  The schools require proof of vaccination to be provided for any child that has traveled.

We are so very grateful for the support and collaboration that brought us to this point in the school year and look forward to continuing that partnership throughout the spring.

Have a great night!