Tragedy in Texas

May 24, 2022

Dear Families:

With a heavy heart, we acknowledge the horrific school shooting at an elementary school in Texas this afternoon, resulting in the death of 14 children and a teacher.  Every school shooting is devastating.  Like Sandy Hook, a shooting at an elementary school is incomprehensible.

Our connection with the Concord Police Department is strong and ongoing.  School security is a priority and a continuing dialogue.  Among the most important aspect of security is reporting anything of concern so everything can be investigated.  As is often said, “If you see (or hear) something, say something.”

These traumatic events can be very difficult for us as adults and most certainly for children.  I enclose links to resources below.  Limiting news exposure and reinforcing the message that school is safe can be important strategies.

Talking with Your Children About Traumatic Events 


Children and Trauma


Reactions to Highly Stressful or Potentially Traumatic Events 

Should you or your child need individual or additional support, please contact the school administration or counseling staff.

Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones in this tragic shooting and the others before it, as we strive for peace in our schools and for those who commit these awful acts of violence.