Parent and Student Contracts/Transportation/COVID Dashboard

September 5, 2020

Dear Families:

As we come to the final preparations for students to return to school, I am sharing several updates.

Parent and Student Contracts

I am sharing the Parent Contract and Student Contract (grades 6-12) that outline the expectations for both safety protocols when physically at school and for remote learning via Zoom.  The goal is a commitment to these as a community so we remain safe while in the schools and maximize learning during remote teaching.

All parents are asked to indicate receipt and agreement with the documents via Aspen.  Middle and high school students are also asked to do the same via their Aspen portals.  The deadline to acknowledge receipt is Tuesday, September 8.  If you prefer, it can be incorporated into the first virtual day of school on Tuesday.  Linked here are instructions to acknowledge contracts in Aspen.


Face Covering Policy

The Joint School Committees have adopted a formal Face Covering Policy aligned with our other safety documents.  Of note is the decision to only allow face masks until more study is done on other types of face coverings.



The transportation department is working around the clock to complete the overhaul of all of the bus routes based on the generous agreement of so many families to transport.  We expect we may need a good portion of the long weekend.  We will notify everyone when the routes are posted.


Concord Carlisle COVID Dashboard

The Concord health officials will provide an updated local COVID dashboard every Friday.  Yesterday’s dashboard is posted to the main homepage of the district webpage as will be the case every week.


Finally, I offer a few thoughts on the days ahead.  We feel well-prepared and that our work this summer has addressed the safety and learning goals we aim to accomplish during this very challenging year to come.  That said, we have to recognize that we have reinvented absolutely everything and will be implementing procedures and learning environments that have never been done before (or were even imagined!).  There will be great successes and there will be things that need review and revision.  Expecting perfection would be unrealistic.   With patience, flexibility, and collaboration between families and educators, we will serve students to the best of our abilities under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.  We are so grateful for the support to date and look forward to fostering the connections further as the year begins.


Please enjoy this beautiful Labor Day weekend!