COVID Cases Rising, Spring Planning, Anti-Racism Response and Leadership

March 18, 2021

Dear Families:
Tonight, I share multiple updates on a range of important topics.  A theme of the topics is our work as a community for the well-being of all.

Rising COVID Cases

Since yesterday, we have learned of:

2 CCHS students

1 CMS student

1 Willard staff

Our total this week to date since Sunday is 12.  We have not seen case counts at this pace since much earlier this winter.  Transmission is occurring within families and small social activities.

Concord’s rate rose from green to yellow this week according to today’s DPH dashboard.

The highest reported rates of cases are now occurring in the 0-19 year age group.  Please remain vigilant and implement safety practices.

Quarantine and Restrictions

Quarantine is a critical piece of minimizing COVID transmission as is our practice of restricting siblings when illness is in the home.  The school nurses are messengers of the protocols we must follow.   Your cooperation is much appreciated as is your kind approach to the very hardworking nursing staff.  It is likely that we will see more quarantines upon full in-person return.  We all wish it was different and understand the impact on young people and families.


The Governor’s announcement today regarding travel will not impact our travel protocol.  With the upcoming April vacation corresponding to a full return at middle and high schools, testing upon return from travel will ensure positive cases do not enter any of the school environments when we open.

Spring Planning

The work to return students full time is extensively underway and requires an enormous amount of logistics and rebuilding of processes.  Simultaneously, we are considering options for the special spring traditions and how they can occur.  A special focus is on the Class of 2021 both for senior activities and smaller privileges like parking.   We ask for your patience while these plans are developed and formalized.  We are very committed to making this end of the school year as special as possible.

Violence in Georgia

As noted by all of the principals today, we are angry and sad to see such hateful and violent acts against Asian Americans.  We remain deeply committed to inclusion for all and creating schools that are safe for everyone.

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At this week’s School Committee meeting, a position to further our work in cultural competency, anti-racism, and equity was formally created.  This leadership position will be on the district’s senior administrative team and support the work at all of the schools.  The position will be in place in July.

In the past year of full of so many challenges, the community’s togetherness and shared commitment have been exceptional.  Thank you so much for that and the ongoing work together.