Coronavirus Update – March 7, 2020

March 7, 2020

Good Afternoon:

I want to provide you updates as to our planning and preparations regarding the potential of Coronavirus.  Yesterday, we:

  • met with a large number of town leaders
  • conference called with Department of Elementary and Secondary Education/Department of Public Health
  • met with central office and principals to prepare

The most reliable and thorough sources of information are the CDC and DPH.  Their webpages are found here:

Attached are fact sheets from the CDC for your reference.  I urge you to stay informed as facts allow you to be proactive and knowledgable.

I believe there are other ways for families to be prepared.  Please make plans for childcare.  Our hope is that we will remain open without disruption.    That said, as you saw in Wellesley and Plymouth, situations may change quickly given an overabundance of caution.   We also want to share the current Massachusetts 180 day school requirement so you will understand how closures might impact the school year:

We understand that there is some heightening anxiety and believe that a sense of readiness will serve us best.   All of the administrators are available should you have questions or information to share.  We also recognize that there may be growing anxiety in the children.  On Monday morning, for just a few minutes, all of the educators will conduct an age appropriate discussion of how school is safe, not everyone who is sick has the virus, and a review of handwashing, etc.  Our approach will be to acknowledge what is happening, provide facts, and let students know they can ask questions.

Risk in Massachusetts remains low.  We continue to focus on cleaning schools, monitoring the information as it is released, and working closely with the local, state, and national officials.

I am confident that together we will manage this through support to one another and the community through a balance of preparedness and calm.


Dr. Laurie Hunter, Superintendent


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