Superintendent's Message

One Week to Go…….Masks and Physical Distance


September 2, 2020
Dear Families:
We could not be more excited to welcome students back to school next week! We thoroughly enjoyed a little taste of that today and will again tomorrow when incoming ninth graders were able to visit the high school.
The virus rate at the state and local level remains low. That is not an accident. That is a result of caution and diligence in following safe practices. In working closely with the local health officials, it is clear that the decisions made outside of school may be more important than all of the in-depth safety practices that we have in place when we reopen.
Please continue to wear face masks. This should include young people when they are together. Please also continue to avoid large groups and physically distance. We have worked tirelessly to open the schools. We ask for your help so that we can open successfully and remain open.


Finally, if you are traveling, it is important to remain aware of the Governor’s Travel Order that requires a COVID test or 14 day quarantine based on where you go.  You must also file a Travel Form with the state.  Students who travel to restricted states may not return to school without proof of a negative test or two week quarantine.
Thank you all for your continued support and collaboration.


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