Virtual Learning Phase Two

April 5, 2020

Dear Families:

Before sharing information about the next phase of virtual learning, I first want to express sincere appreciation and gratitude.  This extremely intimate relationship between school and home is a novel experience in the public schools.  Parents, thank you for the ongoing support and guidance you provide to your child daily.  We know that this comes with benefits and challenges since this environment is so atypical and unexpected. Assessing our priorities and being flexible is key in determining the outcomes and expectations of our academic plan.

In preparation for this week, the administrators, teacher leaders, and faculty reviewed and refined the plan for virtual learning that began on March 15, 2020.  The strong foundation proved to be a solid basis for the approach that we share tonight.  The changes reflect a commitment to robust learning balanced with the conditions created by a global health emergency.

Attached to this letter is an overview of the approach for Phase Two.  The table of contents is below as a preview of the important information in the document.

Virtual Learning Activities Phase Two

April 6, 2020 and Beyond

•    Where We Are

•    Core Values

•    Our Approach

•    Instructional Tools

•    Content and Curriculum

•    Special Education

•    Assessments, Grades and Progress Reports

•    Communication

•    2020-2021

•    Resources

As with any new plan, we commit to its ongoing review.  We ask your patience while we move forward.

This school community is exceptional and extraordinary.  We look forward to partnering with you as we continue this journey.


File attachments:
Virtual Learning Opportunities April 6 2020.docx