Virtual Learning Opportunities During School Closure

March 15, 2020

Dear Families,

Beginning on Monday, March 16, virtual curriculum activities will be provided for all students PreK – grade 12. The goal in assigning students thoughtful activities is to give some structure to their days at home and offer continuity and connection for their return to school, not to replicate the learning that happens in a school day.

For students in preschool and elementary school, parents and guardians will receive a daily email with assignments or age-appropriate activities from their child’s classroom teacher. Students from Concord Middle School and Concord Carlisle High School will receive messages with assignments from the teacher of each class on the days when they would have had that class; these messages will mostly come through Google Classroom or email. Daily communication loops are suggested so that students continue to feel connected to their teachers and have productivity.

While designing these learning activities, teachers recognize that students are not in their natural learning environment. As a result, teachers will prioritize skill-building, reviewing critical concepts, and deepening the learning of previously covered content. We established guidance on the amount of school work calls for no more than 20 minutes per subject per day, and this can occur only on days classes would meet if we were in session. To simplify this effort, teachers will generally use materials and platforms familiar to students, and no formal assessments will be administered.  At every level of schools, at least 30 minutes daily of reading for pleasure is recommended.

Most families have access to technology and internet connections.  If you do not, please reach out to your building administrators or school guidance counselor; they can make the connection for you to community agencies that can fulfill these needs. Some of these agencies can also provide support for food, fuel, and other necessities.

We thank you in advance for your flexibility and support as we navigate together these unchartered waters.  Please contact me or the building administrators should any questions or concerns arise.