Updates March 14 2021

March 14, 2021

Dear Families:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the early evening daylight tonight!

Positive COVID Cases

This weekend, we learned of two positive COVID cases:

1 Willard student

1 CMS adult

Both cases included close contacts at school resulting in quarantines.  We thank you for your cooperation when we have to make these notifications.  We know it is stressful.

COVID Dashboards

The District Dashboard is posted through Saturday with the total case count now at 152.  You will note that we tested 1291 students and 291 staff last week.

We ask that CCHS parents who have provided consent remind their students to be tested according to the CCHS schedule.  Also, across the schools, as we look to return students to more in-person learning and less physical distance in some situations, the testing provides us additional information to prevent school transmission.  Please sign up in Aspen if you have not done so yet.

It was great to see Concord return to the green category on this week’s DPH Community Dashboard.  Carlisle remains in gray.

CCHS Expansion of In-Person Learning

Later this week, we expect to announce our plans for the expansion of in-person time at CCHS.


We will be providing a form for those who require changes to their current transportation plans.  Please watch for that email and do not send individual emails to the transportation department.  We are still maintaining 3′ of distance on the buses so additional capacity will be limited.  We are so grateful for your help to date and for the remainder of the school year.

Travel Order 

We appreciate the cooperation around travel.  We continue to require a test upon return to Massachusetts unless there has been a COVID positive test in the last 90 days.  Please plan ahead for April vacation week and return early in order to secure the test especially with the increase to in-person learning time.

As we just acknowledged the one-year anniversary of this journey together last week, it goes without saying that everything we accomplished so far is a result of the collaboration and partnership.  Thank you so very much.