Updates March 13 2022

March 13, 2022

Dear Families:

The sun is just setting as I write at almost 7 p.m., which brings a sense of hope for spring.  I am also hopeful because yesterday, we noted the second anniversary of the first impact of the pandemic on the schools when we closed for what we thought would be a week.  A week?  I am always mixed about whether or not I wish I knew what was coming.  I generally think not because then I would have only worried about the many changes that would occur not have been able to factor in what proved to be most important.   There is no doubt that the commitment of resilient school staff, the nurturing from dedicated families, and the community’s efforts at large kept the needs of children as a priority.  We are deeply thankful for the partnership as it evolved, which led to a stronger sense of trust and respect for one another.  Those connections will serve us well as we move forward through the recovery process and visioning for the future.

In the Spotlight

You frequently hear from DEI Director Andrew Nyamekye as he shares updates, events, and newsletters.  At Tuesday night’s School Committee meeting, Mr. Nyamekye presented an overview of his entry plan to date.  The presentation included important feedback from focus groups and highlighted what will become our priorities for the longer term.  The slides are found here.  The recording of the School Committee meeting is here (minute 53).  I urge everyone to spend some time reviewing the findings so far.

While Mr. Nyamekye is a district leader in DEI, he does not do the work alone.  Indeed, the work requires that we all actively participate.  As much as the school environment allows many students to thrive, that is not the case for everyone if they do not come to school comfortable being themselves.  As a collective community, we must commit to fostering the belonging and inclusion of all of our students.   Thank you for being on this very important journey with us.


COVID Updates

Case counts remained low last week as we shifted to optional masks. The COVID Dashboard remains active.  Effective immediately, we are no longer limiting audience size for student performances or capacity limits for school-related family events.

Have a wonderful evening!