Update and Reminders May 17/Carlisle Community Trails Challenge

May 17, 2020

Dear Families:

What a beautiful weekend!

If you plan to retrieve personal student belongings this week, please remember to bring face covering and gloves.   The Board of Health order regarding face coverings is found here:

The recording of Friday’s Virtual Coffee is posted here:

The Joint School Committees will meet on Tuesday at 5 p.m.  The agenda is posted here:

The CCHS administrators began their tour in dropping lawn sides to the Class of 2020 in Carlisle!  Many thanks to the Parents Association and all involved in decorating the rolling school bus!  A great photo is posted here:  The tour will continue in Concord and Boston.  This is one of a number of great events planned for the seniors!

Please see the message below about the upcoming Carlisle Community Trail Day Challenge in June.

Enjoy the evening.




Carlisle Community Trails Day Challenge

For this year’s Carlisle Community Trails Day Challenge, the Carlisle

Conservation Foundation and the Carlisle Trails Committee invite

Carlisleans of all ages to collectively walk the trails in Carlisle

throughout the month of June.


We are sorry that – due to the coronavirus pandemic – we can’t turn

out en masse in one day as we did last year for the First Annual

Carlisle Community Trails Day Challenge. But we are still a community

that shares an appreciation for the healing powers of nature. And we

can still find ways to celebrate and connect together. Individuals,

families and community groups are invited to participate in this year’s

revised “Trails Day” in ways that are safe and that conform to the

national, state and local guidelines then in place.


Visit our website,, and sign up for a walk. Choose

your own date and time. Document your walk with photos that you

can share with others. Post online with #carlisletrailsday. Visit CCF’s

Instagram feed – @ccf.nature – to see how we collectively walked the

trails in June, while keeping social distance.


Carlisle’s conservation lands and trails are a valuable resource to us

all. Let’s enjoy them together with the Carlisle Community Trails Day

Challenge in June.