Travel Order

December 1, 2020

Dear Families:

Thank you to so many who complied with the Governor’s travel order.  I write to remind everyone again that, in most instances, travel outside of Massachusetts requires testing and quarantine until the negative PCR test is received.  Students may not attend in-person learning until the test result is provided to us.  Several questions came up this weekend that I want to clarify:

  • At the local level, we are requiring that all children be tested.  The order indicates that children below age 10 do not need to be tested.  In order to return to in-person instruction, we need a negative test for students of all ages.
  • We realize that second homes are often located out of state.  Although you may travel and stay there, the travel order pertains.
  • The list of states changes frequently.  Right now, all states except Hawaii are considered high risk.  If you do decide to travel, it is important to monitor the list.  At this point, restrictions could only loosen which may be helpful to you.
  • Remember that most states have their own travel restrictions requiring quarantine when you arrive.  It is just as important to those states that you comply as it is to us.
  • If you do not comply with the order and we become aware, we will call you and ask that your children be removed from school immediately.  Please do not put them or us in that position.
  • The travel orderrequires that you complete a form which is then made available to local health officials.
  • These measures are inconvenient.  Travel is not recommended by all major health organizations and can further the spread of the virus.

Again, we are very grateful for the very high level of cooperation.  It will be important for this level of vigilance to continue as we make our way through the winter months and higher virus rates for the safety of our staff, families, and community.