Statewide School Shutdown Through April 7

March 15, 2020

Dear Families:

During his 6 p.m. press conference, Governor Baker announced a statewide shutdown of all schools through Tuesday, April 7. The Governor referenced online and distance learning, which, as you know, we are well prepared to offer to all of our students. He also ensured that families would receive the support provided through food services and special education. As you also know, we are already providing food and will continue to do so throughout the closure. Tomorrow, I was assured we would be given additional guidance about special education services. We had already established the involvement of our special educators in the virtual learning plans that begin tomorrow, recognizing the need for ongoing support to students with needs. Once we know more about the State’s plan, we will inform you and provide whatever is asked of us. We also await plans for MCAS and much, much more.

I cannot stress enough the need to follow social distancing practices during this closure. The Governor closed restaurants and limited groups to no more than 25. These drastic measures inform us as to the significance of the situation, especially for those vulnerable and at high risk. The more we comply with this need to isolate, the safer everyone is, and the sooner things return to normal.

Tomorrow, I will provide an FAQ document (that keeps changing!) in hopes of answering the many questions that are out there. Feel free to send them via email ( or social media, as I am sure whatever question you may have would be of interest to many.

I see a silver lining here. I know how many times I wished for the pace to slow down and to have time with my family. Let’s not see this as an inconvenience but a huge opportunity to connect with those we love.

I will certainly be in touch with more information tomorrow. Thank you so much for the ongoing support.