Positive COVID CCHS and Mask and Distancing Reminders

December 25, 2020

Dear Families:

This afternoon we learned of a positive COVID student CCHS case.  We are completing contract tracing this evening.

I hope it was a wonderful day for everyone.  It seems imperative to offer reminders as we go into the next week of school vacation.  Given the 6 cases in the past 48 hours, it is very clear that caution and vigilance are required.

  • You should assume that everyone you interact with outside of your home could be COVID positive.  This means staying with the immediate family only is the safest option.
  • If you spend time with those outside of the house, everyone should wear masks and stay 6 feet apart- even if these are people who you consider close friends or family.
  • Distance and masks pertain to any time that even young people spend together.  Playdates, sleepovers, and even casual time together can spread the virus.  Please consider not using this coming week to allow these social events.  We know it is hard.  We also know it can create a cluster of COVID cases.
  • If you elected to leave Massachusetts, please remember you must test after returning and quarantine until the test is back given our new protocol.

If you have COVID related information to share or have questions, please use the email address so we can respond to you in a timely way over the break.

I hope you have had a great start to the vacation.   Please do your part to slow the spread of COVID and ensure it is a great vacation for everyone.