Positive COVID Cases and Asympmtatic Testing Request

March 26, 2021

Dear Families:

Of two cases today, CCHS had a positive student case with no close contacts at school.  We also had a positive pool at Willard and later confirmed a positive student case.

With cases on the rise and two positive pools in two days, it is an opportunity to share the value of asymptomatic testing especially as we bring all students back to school.  Identifying and isolating asymptomatic cases allows for containment and prevention of transmission.  This means that we have greater confidence in our prevention measures at school.  That will be especially important as the middle and high school students will sometimes be at less than six feet of distancing when they return full time.

I often hear that quarantine is a deterrent.  We are finding that the positive pools are spending very little time accessing individual testing and getting results, making the immediate quarantine very short.  After that, the positive person quarantines as do close contacts based on our protocols.

The student testing numbers are growing slowly with this week’s total at approximately 1400 across all of the schools.  If you haven’t signed consent and begun to have your student tested, please do that in Aspen.  The experts advise that we need over 75% of the population to test regularly in order for maximum effectiveness.  I know other districts that are meeting and exceeding that level of participation.

I believe strongly that testing is a tool that will help us to avoid school closures and compensate for the moderated protocols required to have all students in school.  We are eager and excited to have all kids  with us all day for the first time in over a year.  We hope you will consider doing your part to ensure the success of these coming months by having your child participate.

Enjoy the beautiful night that feels more like May than March!