Positive Cases and the Break

February 11, 2021

Dear Families:

Today, we had two new positive student cases at CMS.  One case required contact tracing which is complete.  Also, as we look forward to one more day before the start of the break, I offer a few reminders.

If you travel out of state, our protocol requires a test upon return to Massachusetts.  If you previously tested positive in the past 90 days, you will need to provide evidence of the positive test.  We did see asymptomatic cases following travel at the close of the December break, so if you go please consider returning early so there are multiple days between your return and Monday, February 22.  Thank you for the cooperation and collaboration with this process.

I also offer a reminder that even simple playdates and small social gatherings with people you know well can lead to transmission.  We’ve seen that multiple times over.  We know it is hard but remaining at home with immediate family is the safest plan.

Since most staff will be on vacation next week, please use the COVID email account for correspondence from all of the schools like we did over the holidays.  That address will be monitored throughout the week so you can get a timely response.  The address is:

I find it remarkable that we have been able to successfully be in school and maintain consistency since September.  That is a result of the investment and commitment of everyone.  Thank you so very much.