Please, Please Do Your Part

March 14, 2020

Dear Families:

I just retweeted an article entitled “This Is Not A Snow Day” by Adriadne Labs (@cps_cchs)  Indeed, it is not.

I write to remind you again of the importance of taking measures to socially distance ourselves from each other to ensure the wellness of our community.  As stressed by Governor Baker this morning, although you may not get seriously ill, others who are at risk can get very, very sick.  We cannot overwhelm the medical services if the virus spreads rapidlly among those at high risk.  Please, take this seriously.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on Friday:

Massachusetts has now begun to see some initial evidence of community spread of COVID-19, and the Department of Public Health (DPH) has made recommendations consistent with a transition into the community mitigation phase of the response.

I also share the CDC’s definition of “community spread”:

Community spread means people have been infected with the virus in an area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.

Social distance is critical and is a significant inconvenience.  The disease is highly contagious.  This means that playdates, sleepovers, and many other ways we keep children busy should not be part of your plans.  It is disruptive.  But it is a must.  It makes us rethink everything but that is where we find ourselves during such an unprecedented time.

Calls to 211 are now available to answer questions regarding Coronavirus.  I urge you to do your part for the wellness of all and to take of each other.

Later today and tomorrow, I will have other updates for you.  Please be well.