Important Updates March 20 2022

March 20, 2022

Dear Families:

Thank you for your ongoing engagement in recent days, as we experienced several significant events simultaneously.  I am very grateful for everyone who supports us.  I want to recognize the work of the Concord health leaders and Concord and Carlisle Police Departments and the tireless work they do to keep children safe.  That was never more evident than over the past week.

COVID Updates, Especially for Peabody Parents

We continue to see cases decline at Peabody, which began on Friday after 51 positive cases occurred last week.  Below is a summary of our plan for this week in consultation with local leaders, DESE, and the state epidemiology office:

  • Masks will be required for all sixth graders on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Pool testing occurs tomorrow at Peabody.  Assuming symptomatic and pool testing results remain low, we will return to mask optional on Wednesday.
  • All positive students need to remain masked on days 6-10 following the 5 day quarantine period.
  • This weekend, we changed all of the filters and reinstated the electrostatic sprayers in addition to our regular cleaning practices and opening the school to the fresh air.  We will continue to spray for another week and ensure fresh air flows often.

We are not reducing capacity limits on audience sizes which were just increased.  For this week only, we ask that any large audiences at all school events mask until we have a bit more time behind us with this surge.

The COVID dashboard remains active and is updated daily, usually after 3 pm.

Search for CCHS Student

Under the leadership of the Carlisle Police Department, we are fully cooperating in the search for Eloa, who was last seen at CCHS on Friday afternoon.  It has been a very busy weekend.  We remain hopeful for her safe return.  If you or your child has any information, please contact the Carlisle Police at 978-369-1818.  Please also contact the counseling staff if you or your child require any support.

Thank you for the ongoing collaboration and partnership.  Enjoy this beautiful first day of spring.