Free School Meals for All Students

October 14, 2020

Dear Familiies:

We are now participating in the free school meal program supported by the USDA.  ALL students are eligible for free meals for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  Please see the details below.




Announcement of Free Student Meals: Concord Public Schools &

Concord Carlisle Regional High School

Concord Public Schools, and Concord Carlisle High School have received

approval from the state to offer Free Meals for all students beginning October

15th 2020 through June 30th 2021. We are very excited to be able to offer this

service at no cost to our community.

Additionally, beginning the last two weeks of October on Thursdays and

Fridays, we will be adding limited hot meals through our NutriSlice ordering

system. It is vital to our ability to provide each entree to any student that wants

that item to focus on the ordering of meals ahead of time. We cannot

guarantee that any item, but more specifically hot meals would be available if

not ordered ahead. Please see additional instructions below.

  • Please create your students accounts hereVERY IMPORTANT
    • You will need your students lunch ID #to complete the profile. If you or your student does not remember theirs, or if you are a new student to the district, it can be found in Aspen Portal under “Alternate ID”. If you can’t locate it there, please email and I will get you that information quickly.
    • When ordering, please be sure that you are selecting the appropriate building for your student(s). Menus are published and ready for your review.
    • Ordering can be done daily by 8am day of attendance, as well as 5 days in advance.
    • If you would like to order more than one meal to cover days that your student will be learning from home, please put that note into the order for the day your student will be physically present. There is a “notes” section where this can be added.
    • Feedback mechanisms on NutriSlice, we encourage you to rate and provide feedback on meals so that we can learn and improve our services to better fit your needs.