Concord-Carlisle Hosts First Unified Track and Field Meet in School History


In communities such as Carlisle and Concord where history is embedded in their culture, creating new history is a welcome and familiar endeavor.  This energy to make those positive and memorable moments helped drive the creation of the Unified Track and Field team and subsequent hosting of the first meet in the history of Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS).

Unified sports are one element of the District’s efforts to create an environment of acceptance and inclusion for all members of the CCHS community.  Athletics provides a unique forum to help further those goals outside of the classroom.  It also allows the unified athletes to be part of a team which hasn’t been possible for many of them prior to this experience.  The friendships formed on the team are carried both in and out of school and has helped to build community as well as important relationships amongst and between athletes, mentors, and other students.  The Unified Team includes both athletes and mentors who practice twice a week and generally have one meet per week.

The Unified Team’s Head Coach Josh Reed stated, “the pure joy of the athletes and mentors is evident at every team event including practices and meets.  The positive impact it has on making CCHS more inclusive for those involved cannot be overstated and I am thrilled to be a part of coaching this team.”  Coach Reed, who also serves as the school’s head football coach, is assisted by coaches Rhiannon Leigh and Michelle Malone.

At the first meet, Coach Reed said that the team received overwhelming support from the boys and girls varsity track teams, the faculty, and many CCHS students who came out to cheer on the athletes and mentors.  He also thanked CCHS Athletic Director Aaron Joncas for working to create the team and asking him to be a part of the effort to bring Unified sports to Concord-Carlisle High School.

Pictures Below:

Left to right (back row first): Raleigh Fisher, Nick Wong, Clare Hwang, Coach Josh Reed, Ben Wilson, Henry Vlacovsky, Bella Myles, Sarah Daniel, Baily McIntyre, Marcus Lee, Weston Bateman, Deco Siefer, Brendan Douglas, Jackson Stone, Bill Dee, Kayla Joachim, George Rockwell, Hazel Cyr, Fiona Daly, Coach Michelle Malone, (first row): Luke Reed, Lindsey Piper, Avery Johnson, Owen Reed, Grace Creamer, Ana Armocida, Eric Lee, Mia McKennitt, Jacob Edleman, Amelia McDade, Genna Keefe, Coach Rhiannon Leigh


Back row Left to right: Jackson Stone, Brendan Douglas, Deco Siefer, Bill Dee, Bella Myles, Luke Reed/Lindsay Piper, Marcus Lee, Wes Bateman, Kayla Joachim, Clare Hwang, Sarah Daniel, Fiona Daly, Coach Leigh, Coach Reed. Front row: Ana Armocida, Genna Keefe, Coach Malone, Avery Johnson, Eric Lee, Mia McKennitt, Bailey McIntyre, Grace Creamer, Nick Wong.