Final Updates for Today

September 18, 2020

Dear Families:

I start with great thanks to everyone involved today as we processed the first positive COVID case in the schools.  The work in collaboration with Susan Rask, Concord Health Director and Tricia McGean, Concord Public Health Nurse was very effective.  We are so appreciative of their support and guidance.  It is very clear that the safety procedures that are in place are working as is the response protocol that we developed this summer.

Middle School Update

All of the parents were notified if their child was a close contact.  Given our distancing and processes, these contacts were made with a very conservative mindset.  We are awaiting a few more pieces of information before deciding when we will reopen the buildings.  I will provide that information on or before Sunday to middle school families.

Webinar Recording

Above is a link to the recording of this afternoon’s webinar:

Contact Information in Aspen

Please again check to be sure all of your contact information is updated in Aspen.  If you need assistance, please reach out to the administrative assistants in the main offices.   That information is also pulled into the automated notification system used when school is closed or moved to remote learning.

Concord Carlisle COVID Data Dashboard

This week’s local data dashboard linked above was created yesterday.  There were NO cases in Concord and Carlisle until last night when this one occurred.  This is evidence of a lack of community spread right now locally.  We believe our efforts today will allow that to continue to be the case.

District COVID Data Dashboard

Since the COVID symptom list is so common and our protocols so strict, there is a continual flow of staff and students being tested.  We are using this data to create a district COVID dashboard to help communicate what is happening in the schools.  We are categorizing it according to individuals who are close contacts to a diagnosed case and quarantined, those who travel out of state, and those who are symptomatic and need a negative test to return to school.  The data to date is linked to the heading above.

Who to Contact Positive COVID Diagnosis

If your child receives a positive COVID diagnosis, please email the school nurse, building principal and me so we are sure to see the email in a timely way.

Thank you again for your support.   Enjoy the weekend.