COVID Updates and a Snow Day

January 28, 2021

Dear Families:

Today, I report the following COVID cases:

1 CCHS student

1 Alcott student

1 Alcott adult

We also successfully began to asymptomatically test staff today.  This weekend, I’ll be providing additional information about the student program. This information will be an important component of continuing to ensure safety in the schools.

Finally, by popular demand..

Given that we are reaching the end of January and the winter has been mild (at least one thing has been easy this year!), I will be calling one traditional snow day when the next big storm comes through.  We will limit it to one so June is still short and this year winds down before the dog days of summer.  After that, we’ll return to remote learning for any additional storms.  I’d keep an eye on next week from what I’ve seen so far of the forecast…

Have a great night!