COVID Case Information

November 22, 2021

Dear Families:

Today, we had four student additional student cases at Thoreau and one at CCHS.   This brings Thoreau’s case count to 11 in the last week.  We consulted both with the Concord public health nurse and DPH epidemiologist about the number of cases.  They confirmed that our current work with the Test and Stay program is the best course of action.   The Commissioner of Education also met with all Massachusetts superintendents today.  DESE and DPH do expect there will be spikes in cases this Fall and Winter like the one occurring at Thoreau although not as significant as last winter, especially as the young children become fully vaccinated.  The goal is for students to be in school.  The Test and Stay program allows for that in most instances.

Please utilize the online COVID Dashboard for current case counts.  It is always up to date with current information.  Those exposed to any new cases are informed immediately at the school level.  We are only planning on occasional school or district updates in between my Sunday emails when situations change significantly as they did last week.

Enjoy the rest of the night!