CMS Contract Tracing Complete, Webinar Recording and Final Updates

October 9, 2020

Dear Families:

Thank you all for the ongoing collaboration today.  A few last things:

CMS Contact Tracing

All of the middle school contact tracing is complete.  If you did not receive an email from me and Concord Public Health Nurse Tricia McGean, then your child is not a close contact.  As I mentioned earlier, the contact tracing at CCHS is also complete.

Webinar Recording 

The recording from the 4 pm webinar is found here:

State Travel Order

With this being the first of several long weekends, please review our district overview of the state travel order.  The list of states that require testing to return to Massachusetts changes frequently.  We do require testing of students of all ages or a 14 day quarantine.

Large Groups, Masks, and Physical Distance

It continues to be important that large groups not gather, everyone wears masks, and that we physically distance from one another.  As Health Director Susan Rask said this afternoon, the virus will take every opportunity that we give it.  The ability to stay in school is dependent on our choices at other times.  We are very fortunate to have been in-person so far.  Together we can maintain low virus rates and ensure school stays open.

Next Week 

As of right now, we expect to return to our planned schedule next week.  There are many variations in next week’s calendar so please read carefully:

Tuesday, October 13

NO SCHOOL- Professional Day for Staff

Wednesday, October 14 

CCHS:  All remote day except for those take the SAT (remote learning will follow normal Wednesday schedule)

CMS:  All remote day with slightly shorter school day. Mr. Cameron will share details.

Elementary:  Normal in-person morning.  NO AFTERNOON SPECIALISTS

Enjoy the beautiful weather on this long weekend!