Cleaning at Peabody Grade 6 Building This Weekend

August 27, 2021

Dear Families:

This message is specifically for incoming grade 6 parents.  I am sharing this with everyone so the same information is available throughout the community.

This afternoon, possible mold was found on music stands and instrument cases in the Peabody “forum” which is used as a music classroom.  The high levels of humidity and moisture this summer had us already carefully monitoring the two unairconditioned middle school buildings.

ServiceMaster was on site within an hour.  The space will be thoroughly cleaned over the weekend.  The rest of the building will be surveyed to ensure there are no other issues.  Prior to adult or student use, air testing will be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning.  This likely will result in that space being offline for a portion of next week.  We will provide additional information as needed.

We are very excited to welcome students back on Monday.  I offer great thanks to our building service workers who are navigating this situation, the Thoreau fire impact, and COVID readiness across all of the schools.   Despite all of that, the buildings are shiny and bright awaiting students.

Have a wonderful weekend!