Clarification and This Week’s Updates

October 17, 2020

Dear Families:

High Risk Sports Clarification

I want to clarify last night’s email about high risk sports.  The guidelines in Massachusetts allow the high-risk sports with specific protocols.  MIAA, in this first of four seasons this year, did not permit high risk sports in the schools.  Our biggest concern this week is connected to the out of state play where guidelines are not as strict.  We saw exposures here and share concerns expressed in the other communities about recent outbreaks.  I apologize for any confusion.  

Concord Carlisle COVID Data Dashboard

Please find this week’s link to the local area dashboard.  Concord moved from white to green due to an increase in cases.   Carlisle remains status quo.  

District COVID Data Dashboard

The informal district dashboard indicates that our total case count since reopening is now 5.   None of the cases are a result of transmission in the schools.  It is also almost certain that none of them resulted in school-based spread of the virus which builds confidence in our safety measures and practices. 


This week, the Joint School Committees voted to support a moratorium on MCAS in alignment with the Massachusetts Association of Joint School Committees.  The discussion at the federal and state level is just beginning so we will not have definitive answers for months.  A Concord Journal article outlines the School Committee’s statement


This week, the Concord health leaders are expected to communicate safe Halloween practices during COVID.  These guidelines will supplement the basics of mask wearing, distancing, and avoiding large groups.  


I continue to visit classrooms and see the positive learning experiences that are happening even under these different conditions.  Thank you all so much for the ongoing support you provide to your child.  Thank you to our teachers and staff who are focused on teaching and learning in ways they have never done before.  Most of all, thank you to the amazing children you share with us each day.  

Have a wonderful weekend.