CCHS Buddies and Opening Night

May 8, 2020

Dear Families:

I share a volunteer opportunity initiated by some of our amazing CCHS students.  They are offering to be virtual buddies with the younger students in Concord and Carlisle.  The information is below.  This is not a school-sponsored activity per se, so parents should plan to meet or connect with the CCHS buddy before the younger children interact with them.


Quarantine Buddies!

Would your elementary or middle school student like to be part of a High School Buddy Program? A lot has changed in a small amount of time with social distancing, virtual school, parents working from home or out on the front lines as essential workers, and so much more. With all this change and a lot of time at home, I am starting a CCHS Buddy Program where high school students can meet over zoom or write pen pal notes once a week with elementary and middle school students. We will match your elementary or middle school student with a CCHS student to write back and forth, talk, play virtual games, help with school work, or just be a friend in a time that kids might feel like they do not always have someone there for them.

If your child is interested in being paired up with a High School Buddy please fill out the Google Form below!

I hope everyone is well and healthy!

Thanks, Susannah Snell (CCHS, Class of 2022)


The production of the CCHS musical “9 to 5” was scheduled for this weekend.  These talented students put together a Shakespearean Monologue Toss for everyone to enjoy!

Their director and the adults who support them shared a video tribute to the show that spoke to me about how the arts get us through hard times.

Have a good start to the weekend.