Anti-Gay Incident at CCHS

June 2, 2021

Dear Families:

It is with anger and sadness that I share Principal Mastrullo’s message to the CCHS community late last night regarding a homophobic slur found in a bathroom at CCHS.  We will continue to only tolerate an inclusive, welcoming environment for all students.





A note from the principal


Dear Concord-Carlisle High School Community:


I am saddened to report that today we found a homophobic slur on a girls’ bathroom wall at CCHS. The timing of this could not be more disappointing. Today marks the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, which is recognized both locally and nationally to honor the profound impact that our LGBTQ+ community members have made on our school, our community, and our country.

Words will not lessen or dull the pain and disappointment this incident brings to our LGBTQ+ students, families, employees, and community. Please be assured that our school administration is proactively investigating this incident, and we will work to find the individual(s) responsible for this unacceptable display of hate.

We will never tolerate this kind of behavior in our schools or community. Slurs and other forms of homophobia are unacceptable, and we are saddened to learn that this language was used and directed toward members of our school community. We ask our students to speak out when they witness hate in our schools and the community. We encourage everyone to lend their support to members of our LGBTQ+ community who, on this day, month, and beyond, should not be attacked by slurs, violence, and hatred.

There are resources for all students who may feel negatively impacted by this incident. Also, as always, guidance counselors are available to anyone in need of support. In addition, parents should feel empowered to engage with their students in using the aforementioned resource as a valuable guide for honest and authentic conversation.

This day and every day should be about love and respect for one another; our differences should be celebrated and bind us, not insulted and used to divide us. Our school community, comprised of students from Boston, Concord, and Carlisle, stands with our LGBTQ+ community in recognition that any form of hate, bias, and discrimination will never be tolerated.

I take solace knowing that this incident does not reflect the values of our community, and with confidence, I suggest that the tolerant and welcoming environment we hold dear will denounce this act in no uncertain terms and rally behind members of our community in need of support.




Michael J. Mastrullo