A few COVID Updates

April 28, 2021

Dear Families:

I wanted to provide updates on a few COVID related items.

New Cases

Today, we learned of two new cases:  1 CCHS student and an adult in the central office in the pool testing. Our total since Saturday is 15 cases.

Masks Needed Outside at School

As you know, the Governor is beginning to relax the mask mandate outside for vaccinated individuals who can distance.  At a meeting with the Commissioner of Education yesterday, it was made clear to superintendents that schools should not relax masks at this time for anyone, even those vaccinated.  We will be sure to let everyone know when the rule does relax which I expect will not happen before we are out in June.

Siblings and Quarantine

With the onset of quarantines this week, we know it is hard to follow the related protocol of siblings staying home until a negative test is received.  We do expect to revisit that once we are through this week after vacation.  With so many new cases, it is prudent while as we manage the impact of the vacation and acclimate to the lesser distance and full schools.

Last Day of School

June 16 is half-day and the last day for students for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is one day later than originally scheduled because of the traditional snow day that we had this winter.  I know people are starting to plan the summer so thought it would be helpful to share as a reminder.

Enjoy the night!