2 Positive Cases CCHS and Other Updates

December 18, 2020

Dear Families:

Two Positive COVID Cases CCHS

We had two positive COVID student cases at CCHS today.  When I update our district dashboard this weekend, these cases will bring the total to 46 since we reopened.  This week, we had 6 cases.

Concord Carlisle COVID Dashboard

The state’s data report continues to include MCI Concord.  The public health nurse and Concord health director provide us community data without the prison cases in the linked version of the dashboard.  They report 23 new cases in Concord this week.  There were 29 last week and 45 the week before.  Carlisle had 18 new cases this week.

November 2020 Survey Data

The results of the parent, staff, and student surveys conducted in November are posted on the webpage.  Your feedback was confirming and is important in our planning processes.  Thank you so much.

Flu Vaccine Reminder

Thank you to so many of you who have provided us the required documentation of the flu vaccine for your child.  If you have not yet done so, it is important to submit that since in-person learning will not be available in January unless it is on file.

Upcoming Vacation, Holidays and Travel

It is critical that we are all careful over the upcoming holidays.  It is safest to celebrate only with immediate family at home.  Please continue to remember that care and vigilance are critical.  If you decide to travel which is not recommended, please ensure you comply with the Governor’s Travel Order.

Snow Days and Remote Learning

I thought I would share some thoughts about yesterday’s decision to have a remote learning day.  That decision was incorporated into the reopening plan that we developed this summer.  We had always hoped for a way to control the June calendar, especially given some very bad winters where the year extended almost into July.  We also knew we had robust remote plans that would allow for continuity and consistency.  In the elementary schools, we were actually a bit eager to try these plans since we had not used them extensively yet, thankfully.  Given that last weekend was a three day weekend and we are almost to the vacation, it made sense to go forward as planned.

I know that is a huge change of mindset when it is snowing and some communicated that to me.  Will we never have a snow day again?  I certainly would not say that.  As with everything this year, we are trying to find the right balance.  So, we will see how the winter goes and, at minimum, consider the plans for future years.   As with most snow day decisions, there are always a range of opinions which is a good thing so long as we all remember decisions are made with good intentions.

COVID Vaccine

In good news, the School Committees will join me in the current discussion with the town leadership about planning for distribution of the COVID vaccine.  There are not many details yet available but it is clear that Concord and Carlisle will be well prepared.

Have a wonderful weekend!