2 COVID Cases (Peabody, Willard) and Symptom Screener Update

December 2, 2020

Dear Families:

I want to share two new student COVID cases today.  One student attends Peabody and the other attends Willard.  Both students have not been in school while they were contagious.   This usually occurs as a result of the quarantine and safety protocols.  Students may be in quarantine when deemed a close contact or become symptomatic and stay home from school.  The other variable is the school calendar and hybrid schedules where students are not in school five days every week.  The testing process also complicates the timelines since the Thanksgiving holiday has had an impact on testing availability and turnaround time.  Every situation is different so we work in conjunction with the public health nurse and family.

The district COVID dashboard is updated daily now to reflect 9 (8 students, 1 adult) cases so far this week and a total of 29 since we reopened.  Given the current pace, it seems likely that we will see new positive cases regularly.  I  share reminders of safety practices like masks, distancing, and avoiding groups in addition to a strong statement that no one wants to get the virus and we are going to be a supportive environment to everyone in our schools.

I look forward to sharing more information at the webinar on Friday afternoon.

Finally, we believe the issues with the symptom screener are a result of a Chrome update.  Our IT department offers suggestions below to troubleshoot the issue.

Have a great night.




Aspen Screener and Chrome

Clear Chrome browser cache as far back as possible


Log out of Aspen explicitly. Close the tab then log back into Aspen in a new tab and try the screener again.


If the above steps do not work, restart the device and log into Aspen and try the screener again.


If all else fails, try a different browser to access Aspen.