2 COVID Cases and Sharing Information

February 4, 2021

Dear Families:

Tonight, I am sharing about a positive student case at CMS and a positive adult case at Ripley.  Neither individual has been at school recently so there was no contact tracing.

With the recent cases at Alcott, we understand it can bring the wish for more details and information.  We also understand that since we are not able to provide that for confidentiality reasons, it is human nature to fill that in.  Several speculative stories have been brought to us this week that we understand are being shared by email, etc.  None of them have had the facts accurately and we have been glad to have a chance to correct that with the individuals who asked.  For example, it was important to clarify that travel is not a factor in the cases.  I hope that we can all understand that sharing unsupported information could lead to painful situations or to concerns that are not based on actual events.

We are always happy to provide whatever information that we can and encourage you to ask individual questions.  That is productive and valuable since we need the feedback and we can often provide reassurance.

As always, we appreciate the support and the extraordinary collaboration of this entire community.