HS Start Time Advisory Committee recommends later start time for CCHS in Fall 2017

Please join me in thanking SC members Johanna Boynton, Bill Fink, Heather Bout and the members of the High School Start Time Advisory Committee: John Flaherty, Mike Mastrullo, Brian Miller, Drew Rosenshine, Kate Lee-Dubon, John Peachey, Linda Manning, Cynthia Rainey, Mariya Shtiliyanova, Jason Genova, Logan Dick, and Michael Barach for their thoughtful work in reviewing the research for starting school later for adolescents and making the recommendation for a later start time at CCHS.  Please click here for report.

The Regional School Committee has voted for funds in the FY18 adopted budget to support a later start time for CCHS in Fall 2017, 8:00 am – 2:41 and the Town Meeting on Monday, April 24 will vote the FY18 CCHS budget.