CMS Facilities Study Committee presents plans for the Middle School building project

The CMS Facilities Study Committee presented their Committee Report to the Concord School Committee

• October 19, 2016 – CMS Facilities Planning Committee Created
• April 7, 2017 – Statement of Interest (SOI) Submitted to MSBA
June 13, 2017 – Presentation to Concord School Committee (Click here for Presentation)
• TBD – Based on response from MSBA, execute Feasibility Study of preferred building option
• TBD – Request Town Meeting approval to move forward with building plans

CMS Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) Recommends Unified Building
The Concord Middle School Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) presented their Committee Report to the Concord School Committee at the latest business meeting held on June 13th. The School Committee created the FPC because the Peabody and Sanborn building conditions are deteriorated and obsolete, the two campus configuration is inefficient and expensive, and the current situation hinders cultivation of a cohesive school community.

After a comprehensive study of both CMS buildings completed in conjunction with Finegold Alexander Architects, the FPC concluded that the current buildings need to be unified into a single structure that will support CMS students for the next 50 years. Options to achieve this goal include significant renovation and expansion of the Sanborn building or new construction on the Sanborn site.

The FPC was charged in October of 2016 with hiring a firm to conduct a facilities study and to perform conceptual master planning. The planning study included:
• evaluating the existing facilities capabilities and needs,
• estimating costs to maintain the current buildings for 10 years,
• comparing options and related costs to significantly transform facilities, both through renovation/expansion and new building, and
• recommend preferred option(s) and present to the Concord School Committee by November of 2017.

The committee undertook a comprehensive process comprised of monthly meetings, working with Finegold Alexander Architects to study the existing buildings, holding public forums to collect input on the CMS campus of the future, defining options and estimated costs, and ultimately reporting to the School Committee five months early based on the clear need to move forward with planning as soon as possible.

The next steps will be to engage with the MSBA regarding potential funding options, develop preferred option(s), elicit community feedback on options throughout the development process, and eventually request approval at Town Meeting to move forward with building plans. The goal is to present plan recommendations to the School Committee no later than November of 2018.

The overall schedule for this endeavor, with work completed to date, is:
• October 19, 2016: FPC Created
• April 7, 2017: Statement of Interest submitted to MSBA
• June 13, 2017: FPC report to Concord School Committee
• TBD: Based on MSBA response, create Feasibility Study of preferred solution
• TBD: Request Town Meeting approval to move forward with plans

FPC members concluded their presentation by reiterating that the District should have one facility for Concord Middle School which meets national and common core standards and will serve Concord students in the future as well as today. By unifying into one building, CPS will lower operating costs, allow the daily functions of the school to be more efficient, and facilitate a more cohesive school community.

Facility Planning Committee members include:
Heather Bout (Chair) of the Concord School Committee, Willard Parent Matt Anderson-Miller (Vice Chair), Wally Johnston of the Concord School Committee, Superintendent Diana Rigby, Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations John Flaherty, CPS Facilities Manager Brian Schlegel, Town Manager Chris Whelan, CMS Principal Drew Rosenshine, CMS Teacher Karin Baker, CMS Teacher Tom Dalicandro, CMS Teacher Maria McDermott, and Concord residents Lauryn Gorli, Eve Isenberg, Chris Popov, and Matthew Root.